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Get-SetupLog.ps1 to Analyse Setup Logs In Exchange 2013

This script is very useful for all the Admins while running setup, it can point to the right direction in displaying the error when the set up fails, however Get-SetupLogs.ps1 is not available in the Exchange 2013.

This wonderful script parses through the setup log file in C:ExchangeSetupLogs folder and it displays an output in the shell with various colours for warnings and errors.

What do we see in the Exchange Set up logs usually?

ExchangeSetupLogsExchangeSetup.log: This has a track of every task performed during Setup, details on pre-requisite checks, installation progress, and configuration changes that are made by the set up.

ExchangeSetupLogsExchangeSetup.msilog: This has the detailed extraction of Exchange code from installer file (ExchangeServer.msi).

Exchange setup process keeps a ‘Watermark’ entry in registry, to make the process easier to resume from where the setup had failed. (HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftExchangev8.0),

So how to use the script?

Step 1: Navigate to the Scripts folder in Exchange 2007 /Exchange 2010 & run the following command:

Step 2: .Get-SetupLogs.ps1 –LogFile C:ExchangeSetupLogsExchangesetup.log

After running this command you will see the list of warning, errors in the Shell window. The most interesting part is that you don’t have any trouble finding the errors, as it will be highlighted in red colour.

How do we use this script in Exchange 2013?

We will not be able to find this script in the Exchange 2013 scripts folder. We can use the Exchange 2010 version of ps1 file on an Exchange 2013 server & it will work.

After copying the ps1 script run the following command in the Exchange 2013 server to analyse the set up logs:

Step 1: Navigate to the Scripts folder in Exchange 2013 (basically the folder where we copied the ps1 script from Exchange 2010) & run the following command.

Step 2: .Get-SetupLogs.ps1 –LogFile C:ExchangeSetupLogsExchangesetup.log

Hope this command will help you out in case of any issues during the set up process of Exchange 2013.

Ratish Nair

Microsoft MVP | Exchange Server


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