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Microsoft Acquires Seattle Based Organizational Analytics Firm VoloMetrix

Dealing with massive data downpour in the form of emails, calendar, meetings and anything that you could point at in a typical day at office often puts you at an uneasy spot. While the world has been bashing about end user experience in a bank, store, casino, theatre, hospitals, universities, I feel today we have arrived at a platform where end-user experience is relatively playing a significant role in your typical day in an office.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if YOU were empowered to be more productive at work with pronounced increase in effective utilization of your time with outcomes that have an organizational/team impact?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if YOU could have something as cool as the fitness apps to help you show diverse available choices and make informed decisions based on real data in your office work?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if YOU could get a visual display of all the aggregated tools that you are using on a Monday Mayhem at work?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if YOU could be alerted if you have the right skilled people on your project/task for its
successful completion?

Microsoft has acquired pioneer and leader in organizational analytics – VoloMetrix.


A Quick Recap on VoloMetrix:

VoloMetrix started around 4.5 years back with a powerful objective of transforming employee productivity with data driven transparent feedback loops to measure and drive how employees drive outcomes. VoloMetrix has been a pioneer in organizational analytics operating from Seattle. It has been helping companies understand how their employees spend time.

VoloMetrix and Microsoft:

As we all know, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has been emphasizing about reinventing productivity with diverse products. Office 365 and a set of few others are fundamental products from Microsoft that we all use.

Microsoft is going to incorporate VoloMetrix with Office 365 and Microsoft’ very own organizational analytics “Delve”. Witnessing the Delve organizational analytics platform at Ignite this year was quite interesting. Powered by Office Graph, Delve is a search and presentation application.

Office 365 and Office Graph offer abundance information empowered by a powerful machine learning platform. Harnessing this data with privacy controls, customers can create personalized feedback loops that can help employees find answers viz., How can I sound more impactful in my emails, Am I using my time productively, Am I prioritizing the tasks well?

You can expect an early launch of Delve with VoloMetrix and Office 365 with VoloMetrix towards the end of the year.

To Conclude:

This is truly a big step in Microsoft’ vision for reinventing productivity by delivering value to customers thru organizational analytics. Looking forward to see how well this helps me and all of us to organize our work which has no boundaries 🙂 !!

Technology Evangelist
Anita Raj
Team @MSExchangeGuru

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