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Changing DirSync Interval in Exchange Hybrid deployment

DirSync – Directory Synchronization is a tool used for making of local directory in Microsoft Exchange Hybrid Deployment.

Basically it makes a copy of the local active directory & updates the changes by itself to the Windows Azure cloud tenant Active Directory. DirSync runs every three hours to update changes from the on-premises directory to the cloud directory. The most important part is that the DirSync updates the changes that are made only from the On-premises to the cloud & not from Cloud to on-premises. If we create a new user in the Windows Azure Active directory it will not be replicated or updated in the On-premise active directory.

Change the DirSync Interval:

As we discussed above about the DirSync we saw that it takes three hours to update changes from the on-premises server to office 365. This three hour interval is the default time interval set for DirSync.In certain scenarios it will be very difficult for us to wait for the three hour interval for the DirSync to update the changes.

We can find the time interval DirSync process config file defined in the location: “C:Progam FilesWindows Azure Active Drectory Sync“. The Config file name is “Microsoft.Online.DirSync.Scheduler.exe.config”. If you run older version DirSync the config file will be located in this location: “C:Program FilesMicrosoft Online Directory Sync Folder”.

Process to change the Time interval for DirSync:

Step 1: Locate the Config file:”Microsoft.Online.DirSync.Scheduler.exe.config” in C:program FilesWindows Azure Active Directory. In the Older version of DirSync C:Progam FilesMicrosoft Online Directory Sync Folder.

Step 2: Open the Config file using notepad.

Step 3: Locate the value “SyncTimeInterval” which will be in hh:mm:ss format. Change the value from 3:0:0 to 30 minutes like this 0:30:0. Then save the file.

Step 4: After saving the file restart the Windows Azure Active Directory Sync service & in the old version Microsoft Online Services Directory Synchronization Service.

The above process will change the DirSync Time interval from 3 hours to 30 minutes.

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