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Windows 10: Recover a Crashed OS Disk – My Story

December 28th 2016 just after few days on my boy’s birth, my OS disk crashed which does not tell what is happening. Everything stops here on my Primary Laptop. 


I knew it had bad sectors so I decided to move on to a new SSD for OS. This is how I fixed my issue.

-Took 30 mins to go to BestBuy on my Super SUV and buy a 240 GB Scan disk SSD and small 6 screw driver Stanley box. Well I never bought anything so quick until this day.

-Replaced my laptop disk with new SSD

-Took out my Xbox USB disk connector and fix faulty OS disk in it and named it faulty disk – F

-Brought my other WD USB – Made it windows 10 bootable disk named it bootable disk – B

-Connected both to the USB port.

-Restarted the Laptop with B and went to the recovery command prompt

-Ran the following commands to check the partition and assign drive letters. Also format SSD.


List disk

    Got the following

    Disk 0 – SSD

    Disk 1 – B

    Disk 2 – F

Select disk 0

Create partition

Format FS=NTFS Quick

Select disk 2

List Volume

Found F disks c drive was showing Raw.


-Removed F from here and connected to another laptop

-Found it was prompting to format c drive of the faulty disk

-Ran the utility AOMEI Partition Assistant Server Edition 5.2

-Ran the check through this utility which shows under advance options.

-This suggested to run chkdsk /f so ran the following command

Chkdsk f: /f

-This fixed the partition.

-Now I following 2 option.

  • Change the disk back to the old one and continue
  • Copy all the data to the new disk which might be more fast and reliable.

-I choose to use new disk so had to run the following

-Connected the disk back to the 1st laptop which has new ssd

-Check the partition drive letter which was Y

-SSD was on Z and Faulty OS partition was on Y

-So ran the following command

Xcopy Y:\*.* Z:\ /b /c /e /h /k /o /r /x /y

-Booted from SSD

-Got the error

-Booted from B disk and run the repair your computer which fixed the boot.

-Now SSD booted the server perfectly.


This was a successful recovery which was not so hard if you know what are you doing and plan it well.


Prabhat Nigam

Microsoft MVP | Exchange Server


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