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Windows 2008: DCPromo Failed

In the recent migration I observe this issue which was new for me so sharing with you all.


We were migrating Root CA to new server.

We took the backup of the Root CA and uninstalled AD CS from the windows system manager.

This was a root CA on one of the domain controllers.

We restarted the server as requested by the AD CS uninstallation wizard.

Now customer preferred to run DCPromo and we got the following error:

“Failed to detect if active directory domain services binaries were installed. The error was: An error with no description has occurred”


Well it was just a message saying that server is not ready to remove domain controller.

So I recommended to open windows system manager.

Opening windows system manager completed the certificate removal window and we completed the uninstallation of AD CS.

We ran DCPromo again and it worked just fine.



This issue can come for many other reasons as well and it is one of the issue which we found but the cause is same your system manager is not ready to run DCPromo or any other task.


Prabhat Nigam

Microsoft MVP | Exchange Server


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