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Exchange 2016 Journaling Explained

Journaling is a compliance feature that allows an organization to capture a copy of all messages that satisfies a criteria.

Journaling on Exchange 2016 is performed by a journaling agent which intercepts a copy of messages as they pass through the transport pipeline.

The journaling is divided to two types as following:

  • Standard journaling:
    • Apply to mailbox database level.
    • Capture all mail going to or from the mailboxes within database.
  • Premium journaling:
    • Apply according journal rules.
    • Requires an Enterprise Client Access License.

Journal rules have three components:

  • Journal scope: which messages to be captured (Internal, External or All messages)
  • Journal recipient: which mailbox that you want to journal.
  • Journal mailbox: to which mailbox the journal reports will be sent.

To configure journaling that can be done as below steps:

  • Open EAC > Compliance management > Journal rules > add

  • Then you should specify the three component as below:
    • Send journal reports to: Journal mailbox.
    • If the message is sent to or received from: Journal recipient
    • Journal the following messages: Journal scope.

The journal rules can be defined using exchange management shell with command “New-JournalRule” as below:

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