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ADRMS: Calendaring Items Protection

Microsoft Active Directory Right Management Services can only protect emails. So how will we protect Calendaring items!!! (more…)

AD RMS: Template Copy Process

Below is the AD RMS Template copy Configuration for different Client side computers. (more…)

Exchange 2010: Test-IRMConfiguration Failed

After Configuring the AD RMS when you integrate ADRMS with Exchange 2010 you run the Test-IRMConfiguration Command which should pass to confirm Exchange Integration has been successful. (more…)

AD RMS: Unable to Copy the Template using Automated Task

Recently I worked on this issue that is nowhere documented in Public so I am sharing it to help others. (more…)

AD RMS: Template Creation Process

We will follow the below mentioned steps to create an ADRMS Template (more…)

Microsoft AD RMS Cluster Failed Removal


Normally we should follow proper Microsoft AD RMS Removal Steps from the link below: (more…)



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