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Office 365: Enable Blackberry Mobile Service

We still have customers who love blackberry and so every solution provider has to support it, even office 365 has to support it. Let us see how to enable Blackberry in office 365.

Exchange 2007/2010/2013: ActiveSync asking for Domain Name on Mobile Device


Post migration from Exchange 2010 to 2013, mobile devices are not connecting with out domain name.


Doom of Blackberry and rise of Exchange ActiveSync

If a solitary earmark feature could make something abide in the long run in technology, it’s like crippling technical innovations. The best archetype is RIM’s blackberry.   (more…)

Error: User is in delete pending state on server please recover the user before adding user to server.

When we try to add a user to Blackberry Enterprise server, we end up getting the error as shown (more…)

Blackberry service books – What does “What”?

Service books in Blackberry – Why I do need to know about service book in Blackberry? (more…)

Duplicate contacts in Blackberry?

Have you ever come across situations while customers are frustrated with duplicate contacts in their address book and expect you to fix it in minutes? (more…)

Blackberry administrator BESAdmin Account send as permission vanish from a domain level

This is to address and issue with missing permissions for a Blackberry Admin aka BESAdmin

BESAdmin is the account used to administer Blackberry Enterprise Server christened so by Blackberry.
If any user in the organisation needs to use their Blackberry device, the account
which is administrating the Blackberry Enterprise server needs to be granted SEND AS Permission for the user account.




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