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Online Event: Exchange 2003 to 2010 Role Transfer and Removal Challenges

I am going to deliver a speaking event on July 17, 2014 for New Jersey Unified Communication User Group.


Exchange ActiveSync Users on IOS: Update 7.1.2 Needs Hard Reset

Apple released a new update 7.1.2 for IOS devices on June 30, 2014. Below is the link to know more about the changes in it.

Mailflow: DNS and rDNS should be same

Another issue came on way so sharing my experience. This time it is related to matching of DNS records. (more…)

Migration: MailFlow and DNS PTR Record Readiness

Recently I have been working on a Migration deployment and Lets have a look on the import points to check during mail routing gateway change. (more…)

Exchange 2003: Role Transfer and Removal from Exchange 2010 mixed mode

Exchange 2003 already passed the date of support cycle on April 08 2014 but removal has not been so easy for many organizations. The reason is the multiple components needs to be transferred to Exchange 2010 because of new design model of Exchange. (more…)

Microsoft: Top Support Solutions

Recently Microsoft started a top supported solution blog where we can find the solutions for most of the Microsoft technologies. (more…)

AD RMS: Unable to Copy the Template using Automated Task

Recently I worked on this issue that is nowhere documented in Public so I am sharing it to help others. (more…)

AD RMS: Template Creation Process

We will follow the below mentioned steps to create an ADRMS Template (more…)

Microsoft AD RMS Cluster Failed Removal


Normally we should follow proper Microsoft AD RMS Removal Steps from the link below: (more…)

Exchange: Mail attachments are turning to winmail.dat

This is a very common issue but I just wanted to highlight the component which supposed to be changed here. (more…)

Exchange 2013-2010 Co-existence: Mail Flow is not working “451 4.4.0”

This is to address an issue where Exchange 2010 queue has messages in retry status to Exchange 2013 (more…)

Exchange Server – Troubleshooting internal/external mail flow issues

Let’s take a look at some mail flow basics and how to troubleshoot and resolve issues involving improper reception of incoming mails. (more…)

Exchange 2003 cluster removal in mixed mode

Let’s take a look at how to remove the last Exchange 2003 clustered mailbox server from a mixed mode environment… (more…)

Exchange 2010/2007 to 2013 Migration and Co-existence Guide

We don’t have a lot of guides out there helping with a step by step guide for the migration and co-existence of Exchange 2010/2007 to Exchange 2013 (more…)

Using Log Parser to parse E2K3 front–end IIS logs to know mobile user hits

This document outlines the steps to use sql script to parse front end IIS logs on Exchange 2003 front end servers (more…)

What about the OAL Generator events I see on my Exchange servers? (Event ID 9325 – OAL Generator)

(Looks like this is not documented in detail elsewhere)

Of late, one user rang me and said she is not able to see her Team’s DL created on Exchange server. I thought it might be an Outlook related issue and instructed my team to investigate on it. (more…)

Cross Forest E2K3 to 2010 Mailbox Migration with linked Mailboxes

I couldn’t find a proper document on performing a cross forest mailbox migration, so here we go… (more…)

Troubleshooting performance issues with Exchange when RPC request spike high

So you got a call from help-desk stating they have a lot of users complaining they cannot access their mailbox or performance is terribly slow? Ok, What next? (more…)



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