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Exchange: Mail attachments are turning to winmail.dat

This is a very common issue but I just wanted to highlight the component which supposed to be changed here. (more…)

Powershell output incomplete with dots

Often admins face an issue where powershell output may contain dots – which means the output isn’t complete. (more…)

Exchange 2003 cluster removal in mixed mode

Let’s take a look at how to remove the last Exchange 2003 clustered mailbox server from a mixed mode environment… (more…)

Exchange 2007 SP3 Unable to Create Receive Connector

Recently while working with one of my customer I tried to create a receive connector and found the below: (more…)

Exchange 2013 Safety Net Vs Exchange 2010 Transport Dumpster

Safety net and transport dumpster are two features of Exchange 2013 and 2010 respectively. In fact, safety net is an improved version of transport dumpster. (more…)

GAL segregation based on Organizational unit (OU)

Creating a GAL based on OU filter is not an easy task. (more…)

Automated meeting responses not processing for external users

This one is to address an issue where automated meeting responses are not processed from Room mailboxes to external email addresses (more…)

msexchOrigMDB attribute

Explaining the attribute msexchOrigMDB (more…)

msExchCurrentServerRoles attribute

MSExchangeGuru team is starting a new section –“msExch Attributes” explaining certain important attributes and their relevance wrt to an MS Exchange Server enviornment (more…)




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