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In-Place Archiving in Exchange Server

The archiving solution is very important in any modern organization in order to deal Storage management, Legal obligations, Performance issues, Operation expenses reduction and for User satisfaction.
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Exchange 2013: Unable to Proxy ActiveSync – HTTP 400

After doing the cut over in a production of Exchange 2013 and Exchange 2007 multi AD site coexistence some of the users unable to proxy ActiveSync on their mobile devices.
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Hybrid: Unable to Share Full Details and Limited Details Calendar from Outlook

We configured Hybrid for this customer and Migrated a small Pilot batch of IT users. Now in the big orgs we share calendars with the team to keep transparence and block a time for team meeting together so this customer required to share the full details of the calendar. This is the 1st resolution posted over the internet of this issue and I will add this step in the hybrid configuration blog as well.
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Exchange 2013: ActiveSync Not Connecting Error 12002

Today I was part of a critical change with one of my customer and witnessed this so sharing it for one and all.

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Data Loss Prevention in Exchange 2016 – Part2

In our previous article we had discussed on, what Data Loss Prevention is in Exchange 2016 and how to create the Data Loss Prevention policies using Microsoft pre-defined Templates. More »

PST Capture Tool: Discovery Walk Through

This blog focus on the steps of PST capture deployment and utilization. PST capture is a tool which search the PST files in the domain joined computers. We can merge the PST files to the archive or original mailbox.
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PST Capture: Unable To Detect Windows PowerShell 3.0

PST Capture tool require “Windows PowerShell 3.0″as a prerequisite.
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Data Loss Prevention in Exchange 2016

Data loss prevention (DLP) is a system/approach designed to monitor, detect a possible data leakage happening in an appropriate manner and avoid the Data leakage to outside the corporate network while in-use (end user actions), in-motion (Network communication) and at-rest (storage). More »

Root CA: Migrate From 2008 R2 to 2012 R2

Root CA is a key component of any organization so it is critical to keep the Root CA up and running all the time. When it comes to the migration of Root CA there is no straight forward step or tool to do it.
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Root CA Migration: Unable to find Root CA Computer Object

Today while migrating root CA from windows 2008 to windows 2012 R2 we faced this issue. This is the first blog on the internet for this error. Let me share more about it.
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Windows 2008: DCPromo Failed

In the recent migration I observe this issue which was new for me so sharing with you all.
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Office 365: Unable to Open Archive Mailbox | Wait 30 Minutes

In the recent hybrid migration, I experienced this so sharing with you all here.
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Exchange Hybrid: Batch Migration

Exchange moved to more simplicity by the new feature of Batch Migration. More »

Exam 70-345: Designing and Deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 (beta)

Microsoft is offering 350 beta seats for the Exam 70-345: Designing and Deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 More »

Mailbox audit logging in Exchange 2016

As the mailboxes contain sensitive, high business impact (HBI) information and personally identifiable information (PII) it is essential to keep a track on who logs in to the mailboxes and what actions are taken, especially to have a track of access to mailboxes by Delegated user access (other than mailbox owners). More »

Office 365: Enable Blackberry Mobile Service

We still have customers who love blackberry and so every solution provider has to support it, even office 365 has to support it. Let us see how to enable Blackberry in office 365.
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Exchange 2010: Out of Office is not working

This issue came in my private cloud customer where we configured out of office in the outlook but external sender was not getting the OOO message. Let me explain how we fixed it.
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Administrator audit logging in Exchange 2016

Administrator audit logging feature was introduced in Exchange 2010 and it helps to trace the changes made on the exchange server by any user/administrator. More »




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