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Exchange 2013: How to access Mailbox Auditing data

In the previous session we have discussed how to enable and disable Mailbox audit logs in Mailbox audit in 2013. In this session we will see how to access the logs and find who has made the changes on the shared mailbox.
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Mailflow: DNS and rDNS should be same

Another issue came on way so sharing my experience. This time it is related to matching of DNS records. More »

Migration: MailFlow and DNS PTR Record Readiness

Recently I have been working on a Migration deployment and Lets have a look on the import points to check during mail routing gateway change. More »

CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro – Operational review

CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro is an email management program for Exchange Server which provides many useful features and enhancements for Exchange administrators over all mail that flows within the organization.
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Exchange 2013: Mailbox Auditing on Shared mailbox

Let’s take a look at Mailbox auditing using Exchange 2013.
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Exchange 2003: Role Transfer and Removal from Exchange 2010 mixed mode

Exchange 2003 already passed the date of support cycle on April 08 2014 but removal has not been so easy for many organizations. The reason is the multiple components needs to be transferred to Exchange 2010 because of new design model of Exchange. More »

Update-GlobalAddressList error in Exchange 2007/2010

Update-GlobalAddressList error out as shown in Exchange 2010/2007
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Exchange 2010 SP3 RU6 Released

Microsoft has released Exchange 2010 Service Pack 3 Rollup Update 6. More »

Exchange 2013 CU 5 Released

Microsoft has released Exchange 2013 Cumulative Update 5. More »

Exchange2013: Create and manage room mailboxes and Room lists

A room mailbox is a resource mailbox assigned to physical locations, such as a training room, conference room, discussion rooms so on. More »

Exchange 2013 – How to grant permissions for a Group

In this section we will see how we can assign permissions on group in Exchange 2013.
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Exchange 2010: OAB download error 80190194

Recently I was working on the issue but could not find the solution anywhere so sharing this simple solution. More »

SPF records – Why do I care it exist?

Emails can be spoofed or forged in several ways. A simple example is to use Telnet to forge an email as shown
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Office 365 / EOP: All emails Quarantined

Recently I was working on my EOP environment and our emails started going to the spam quarantine. I could not find fix over the internet so thought of sharing how I fixed it. More »

Office 365 / EOP: Download Reports in Excel

We always need to download the messaging reports to analyze the data or present to the management or some other purpose.

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Office 365: Steps to run tool “Check your office 365 configuration with OnRamp Autochecks”

Microsoft provide this tool in the list of tools in the office 365. It is an automated tool that gathers configuration requirements and performs deployment readiness checks against your on-premises environment.

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Microsoft Exchange Conference 2014 recordings

Microsoft Exchange Conference MEC 2014 sessions are available on Channel9
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Exclaimer Email Alias Manager – MSExchange Product review

I have been wanting to do a review for Exclaimer email alias manager for Exchange for a while now. This is a robust product helping users who use more than one email address for their business. More »

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