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TrainSignal’s Exchange Server 2010 SP2 Webinar

Just thought I’d share that tomorrow TrainSignal is offering a free webinar on the best new features of Exchange 2010 SP2. More »

7 Reasons to Invest in Email Archiving

Email archiving is the killer add-on to email infrastructures. More »

PST Accelerator – Review

I am a great lover of the Exchange 2010 Personal Archive Mailbox feature. If for no other reason than it makes a tedious task.. well, simple. Here I will be reviewing the best product on the market (a life saver) for migrating your PST files into them, or other technologies. More »

“As the meeting organizer, you do not need to respond to the meeting”

There is no great troubleshooting involved in fixing this but thought I would share it coz it gave me some real hard time. More »

Disable iSCSI Networks for DAGs

If you have Exchange 2010 DAGs and you use iSCSI to present those servers with storage for the databases, you must ensure the DAG does not use this network. More »

Exchange 2010 SP2 – Whats new?

This article is in continuation to the existing writing up on “Exchange 2010 SP2: “ “. I intend presenting a more elaborative version of the existing write-up in three dimensions – More »

4 Reasons to Establish an Email Retention Policy

Many companies are scrambling to create and enforce a good email retention policy for various valid reasons. More »

Errors in running MSDT (a.k.a Microsoft Support Diagonostics Tool) on a Windows 2008 R2.


Found this after so much of search and so I thought I’ll pen it down for anyone who might be looking for something related to this.

More »

Delete emails from mailboxes – Exchange 2007

The following outlines the steps to delete emails from a set of mailboxes in Exchange 2007. More »

Activating SCR and recovering e-mails from a dead Transport server database!

To skip all the blah-blah-blahs and jump directly to the procedure of Activating SCR click here and for Recovering e-mails from a transport server, click here.

More »

Exchange Server 2010 SP2 download out now!!!

Following the announcement from Exchange server team back in May, Exchange server 2010 SP2 is out and available for download here More »

Maintaining Good Exchange Performance

Most organizations today are heavily reliant on email. Exchange performance problems or system outages can quickly have a negative impact a business, causing customer service problems and costing money. This post explores some ways to ensure Microsoft Exchange performance remains and consistent and the service reliable. More »

Windows8 highlights – What’s new and what you should know

Virtualization will take the indubitable, unbelievable heights with the dramatically radical changes, wow features in Windows8. If this surprised you big, guys, this is just the beginning of this article, the splendid surprises are waiting which will start astonishing you all the more, I bet you on that. More »

JBODS and EXCHANGE 2010- Have you attempted them?

We today stand in a vestibule enormous technological front.  To my amazement, though there have been consistent drives and resistance in adapting technological changes, once proved and adapted, the change makes a significant impact for all. More »

Unable to access Public folder via outlook in Exchange 2010 environment.

I was tiredly walking into work today and was praying to have a nice shift. Then the user phone line started buzzing and I picked the call heart broken. More »

What about the OAL Generator events I see on my Exchange servers? (Event ID 9325 – OAL Generator)

(Looks like this is not documented in detail elsewhere)

Of late, one user rang me and said she is not able to see her Team’s DL created on Exchange server. I thought it might be an Outlook related issue and instructed my team to investigate on it. More »

4 Essential PST Backup Considerations

No IT manager should underestimate the importance of PST backup. More »

CalCheck – Calendar Checking Tool

Just came across a pretty neat tool for checking your calendar for known issues if any More »

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