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Move mailbox or restore mailbox fails with error -1056749110

The move mailbox or restore mailbox operation fails with an error -1056749110

Restore-Mailbox : Error was found for RSG, Test because: Error occurred in the step: Moving messages. This mailbox exceeded the maximum number of corrupted items specified for this move mailbox operation., error code: -1056749110

Well, the fix is pretty simple. In this example I have tried to restore a mailbox from RSG to a production mailbox using:

Restore-Mailbox -RSGMailbox “RSG, Test” -RSGDatabase Exch-Guru\RSG_DB\db11 -id “Recovery, Mailbox” -TargetFolder “Recovered Mails of RSG mailbox”

RSG, Test – The mailbox in the RSG database for which items should be recovered

Exch-Guru\RSG_DB\db11 – ServerName\Name of Recovery Storage Group\Name of Mailbox Database

Recovery, Mailbox – Display name of the mailbox to which the backup should be restored to

Recovered Mails of RSG mailbox – A folder in Recovery, Mailbox which will be created automatically into which the mailbox RSG, Test  will be restored to.

The reason for this to fail is because of a property BadItemLimit.

You should run the cmdlet with the following switch:

Restore-Mailbox -RSGMailbox “RSG, Test” -RSGDatabase Exch-Guru\RSG_DB\db11 -id “Recovery, Mailbox” -TargetFolder “Recovered Mails of RSG mailbox” –BadItemLimit 1000

The BadItemLimit switch specifies the number of bad items to skip. Use 0 to not skip bad items. The valid input range for this parameter is 0 to 2,147,483,647. In this example 1000 is the number of corrupted items which will be skipped.


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  1. Hob Says:

    Thanks for the post. This worked for me.

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    All I can say is tat you are a life saver. Awesome steps which I could find no where else.

  3. Kelly Says:

    Thank you guru. I’m sure this information is somewhere in the vault at MS, but I couldn’t find it. Wish I had found you 3 hours ago!

  4. Rajesh Nair Says:

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    Aha…thanks a million. This worked for me. Now i know where to go.

  6. Dennis Says:

    Thanks! Works great!

  7. Chris Moyle Says:

    I have literally been trying for hours to recover a deleted user’s mailbox from SBS 2011 Backup. Several Times I have almost got there, when that dreaded error kept failing the move.

    My life is back to normal after your “sweet” answer. Thank you Guru

  8. JV Says:

    This is awesome and it worked for me!

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    Great! Works perfect!

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