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MVP Community Day

MVP Community Day 2013 (more…)

Exchange server troubleshooting notes

Take a look at some troubleshooting notes from my vault: (more…)

Exchange 2013: HTTP redirection issues with ECP virtual directory – /owa/ecp

When you try to access ECP on Exchange 2013, browser redirects to /owa/ecp and shows “Bad Request” (more…)

Book Review: Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Inside Out: Mailbox and High Availability

With a great focus on Exchange 2013, Tony Redmond demonstrates in depth the essentials to achieve not just High Availability but also a superior performance experience. (more…)

RecoverServer Error: Exchange server is a member of a database availability group

Exchange server recovery process aborts with the error “Exchange server is a member of a database availability group” (more…)

Exchange 2013 – How to grand Full mailbox access, Send As permission or Send on Behalf permissions on a mailbox

Take a look at how to give full mailbox access, Send As permission or Send on Behalf permissions on a mailbox in Exchange 2013. (more…)

Exchange 2013 Outlook anywhere issues when InternalHostname value is set to Server FQDN

Let’s take a look at an issue where Outlook anywhere doesn’t work when InternalHostname value attribute is set to server FQDN. (more…)

Exchange Server 2010 troubleshooting notes

Thought I’d share my exchange server troubleshooting notes going forward. Hope it helps (more…)

Exchange 2010: Test-IRMConfiguration Failed

After Configuring the AD RMS when you integrate ADRMS with Exchange 2010 you run the Test-IRMConfiguration Command which should pass to confirm Exchange Integration has been successful. (more…)

AD RMS: Unable to Copy the Template using Automated Task

Recently I worked on this issue that is nowhere documented in Public so I am sharing it to help others. (more…)

AD RMS: Template Creation Process

We will follow the below mentioned steps to create an ADRMS Template (more…)

Microsoft AD RMS Cluster Failed Removal


Normally we should follow proper Microsoft AD RMS Removal Steps from the link below: (more…)

Exchange: Mail attachments are turning to winmail.dat

This is a very common issue but I just wanted to highlight the component which supposed to be changed here. (more…)




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