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Exchange 2013 CU 5 Released

Microsoft has released Exchange 2013 Cumulative Update 5.

This is the 1st update after service pack 1. Service pack 1 was the cumulative update 4 so this update has been called cumulative update 5.

You can download Cumulative Update 5 from here.

You can go through the release notes here.

OAB change is coming in CU5 so read the OAB change before you deploy CU5 here.


Please test in your lab before deploying in Production. It will restart the services and request a restart so recommended to schedule during off business hours.


One of the very known issue mentioned below has been fixed.


In Exchange 2013 SP1, while creating DAG, you will see issues with Set-DAG and Add/Remove-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupServer cmdlets if your Domain NETBIOS name is not equal your AD short name, eg NETBIOS name is “xyz” and your domain name is “abc.msexchangeguru.local”. Both cmdlets will terminate with a Dr Watson. The DAG will still build fine, except for the FSW resource – there will be no FSW assigned to the DAG.

There was a hotfix available for this. Cumulative Update 5 will take care of this issue.


Prabhat Nigam

Microsoft Solution Architect | Exchange Server




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