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Exchange 2013/2016: Calendar Federation Failed One Way

Last week I configured Calendar Federation between 2 Forest and 2 Exchange 2013 ORGs. From Org A to B calendar sharing was working but ORG B to A was not working. This blog covers, how did we fix this issue.


We shared the blog on how to configure the calendar sharing:



One-way calendar federation is working and other was is not working.


The Autodiscover call failed.



We found some DNS resolutions issue because of some stale entries so enabled scavenging which took care of the DNS name resolutions

Checked event viewer but it didn’t help

Tested Federation Trust – All success

Reviewed sharing configuration but all good.

Added self-domain in the sharing but no luck

Ran the following command to check the Organization relationship configuration:

Get-Organizationrelationship | FL

 Reviewed the organization relationship configuration and fixed the following configuration

Wrong values:

TargetApplicationUri :FYDIBOHF25SPDLT.domainB

TargetAutodiscoverEpr : https://autodiscover.domainB/autodiscover/autodiscover.svc/WSSecurity

Corrected to

TargetApplicationUri : FYDIBOHF25SPDLT.DomainA

TargetAutodiscoverEpr : https://autodiscover.DomainA/autodiscover/autodiscover.svc/WSSecurity

Still we had the issue.

Tested OrganizationRelationship with the following command at in DomainB

Get-OrganizationRelationship | Test-OrganizationRelationship -UserIdentity localemailid

We got the following error

RunspaceId  : SID

Identity    :

Id          : AutodiscoverServiceCallFailed

Status      : Error

Description : The Autodiscover call failed.

IsValid     : True

ObjectState : New

Added the following in the Organization relationship which is recommend by one of EXPTA blog but no luck


Tested OrganizationRelationship at DomainA end and got all success which was working earlier too. This is to verify the above changes has not broken anything.

Reviewed if WSSecurityAuthentication was configured true on Web Services Virtual Directory and AutoDiscover Virtual Directory. Found True which means it was configured correctly.

We still Ran the following commands in Domain A Exchange which was not required but it was recommended to fix this issue at many blogs and KB2752387.

Get-WebServicesVirtualDirectory | Set-WebServicesVirtualDirectory -WSSecurityAuthentication $True

Get-AutodiscoverVirtualDirectory | Set-AutodiscoverVirtualDirectory -WSSecurityAuthentication $True

Then we did the IISReset.

Tested OrganizationRelationship at Domain B end and got all success. Issue fixed.

Removed the following value which was not required


Tested free/busy in DomainA and DomainB. Both sides were able to share the calendar.

Reference KB –


Prabhat Nigam

Microsoft MVP | CTO @ Golden Five


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