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Exchange 2016 Mailbox types – create a new mailbox using powershell

There are some types of the mailboxes in Exchange server 2016 as below

  • User Mailbox: This is standard Exchange Mailbox that is assigned to an enabled user on your environment
  • Legacy Mailbox: this is Exchange Mailbox that is created by an older version of Exchange server.
  • Shared Mailbox: this is typically used for department Mailbox and should be assigned to disabled AD object and giving the user Full access, Send AS and other permissions on it.
  • Linked Mailbox: This is mailbox that is assigned to a user on trusted forest.
  • Mail Contact: Mail enabled AD object which doesn’t have a mailbox and used for routing mails to external.
  • Resource Mailbox: there are two type of resource mailbox “Room and Equipment” which used to schedule conference room and equipment and manage their availability.
  • Mail User: User who have AD account but assigned to external email address.
  • Public Folder Mailbox: used to store public folders
  • Arbitration Mailbox: Mailbox which used to handle Moderated recipients
  • Discovery Mailbox: Used for eDiscovery search.

How to Create User Mailbox

  • There are two ways to create user mailbox:

Using PowerShell

  • For Existing user: Using command Enable-Mailbox as the below example;

    Enable-Mailbox –identity testuser1 –Database MB01DB01

    Full details:

  • For New user: Using Command New-Mailbox as the below example;

    $password = ConvertTo-SecureString “typethenewpasswordhere” -AsPlainText -Force

    New-Mailbox -UserPrincipalName jDoe@tala.local -Alias jDoe -Database MB01DB01 -Name “Doe, John” -OrganizationalUnit “tala.local/Divisions/Marketing/Users” -Password $password -FirstName John -LastName Doe -DisplayName “Doe, John”

    Full details:

Using Exchange Admin Center (EAC)

  • Open EAC > Recipient > Mailbox > Add > User Mailbox

  • Then you will be asked to add the same information as last step in PowerShell

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