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Skype for business – Create and Edit Conferencing Policy

One of the main components for skype for business is the conferencing policy which manages the skype for business conferencing experience.

Conferencing policies can configure the allowed features that can be available for user and other participants during the different conferences like sharing, file transfer and others.

Conferencing policies can be configured at the global, site and per-user scopes; and they can be created, edited and assigned using skype for business shell and control panel.

The main commands that can be used as following:

  • New-csconferencingpolicy: to create a new conferencing policy as example “New-CsConferencingPolicy -Identity “TestPolicy” -MaxMeetingSize 100 -AllowParticipantControl $False”

For details information you can check the following URL:

  • Set-CSConferencingPolicy: to edit a conferencing policy as example “Set-CsConferencingPolicy -Identity TestPolicy -AllowConferenceRecording $False”

For details information you can check the following URL:

Using Control panel you can also create, edit and assign the conference policy:

To assign the existing policy:

  • Open control panel > Users > search for the user > Edit > Show details

  • Then choose the correct conferencing policy

To create a new conference policy:

  • Open control panel > Conferencing

  • New > user/site Policy

  • Then you should specify the Name, description, Organizer policy and Participant policy

  • For Organizer policy you have the following parameters:
    • Maximum meeting size:
      type the maximum number of users that you want to allow at a meeting. By default, the maximum meeting size is 250.
    • Allow participants to invite anonymous users.
    • Allow the participant to record or not.
    • Allow federated and anonymous participants to record.
    • Allow participant for IP audio video or not.
    • Allow the data collaboration to allow PowerPoint, file download, white board and poll.
    • Allow application sharing or not and taking control for other participant.

  • For Participant policy you have the following parameters:

    You will have the option to enable or not the application and desktop sharing or one of them and the peer to peer file transfer and recording.

To edit the existing Conferencing policy:

  • Open control panel > Conferencing

  • Select the policy > edit > show details

  • Then you will have all options described on the last part to be edited.

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