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Exchange 2016: URLs Configuration Script

I had written the similar script for 2013 which is missing MAPI protocol URLs which will be covered in this blog.

When we need to configure more than one server, this script will help you configure them in one go and save your time.

Overall, there is no way to update internal URLs in one go.

This is the script to configure Exchange 2016 URLs. It will configure the following URLs for all servers within 5 minutes and 3 inputs.

There are three inputs which will be internalURL, externalURL and autodiscoverserviceinternaluri and the following URLs will be configured:



1. Autodiscoverserviceinternaluri

2, Offline Address Book internal and external URL

3. OWA internal and external URL

4. ECP internal and external URL

5. ActiveSync internal and external URL

6. EWS internal and external URL

7. MAPI internal and external URL


The script is uploaded at the TechNet gallery here.

In case your environment many servers and expanded to multiple AD site then you are open the script and add the below mentioned line in front of every get command to run the script query only for Exchange 2016.

            Get-ExchangeServer | ?{$_.AdminDisplayVersion -Match “Version 15”}

Hope this will help on your new deployments.


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