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Exchange 2016 – Active Directory Forest Functional Levels

One of the minimum requirements for Exchange 2016 installation is active directory forest function level which should be 2008 or later.

New W2012 DC in W2008 AD: Failed (DFSRDiag is New Gold)

Most of you know I live in Hollywood so let me give this blog little Hollywood touch which might make it more interesting. I would say DFSRDiag tool is new Gold. Here is the reason.

Windows 2008: DCPromo Failed

In the recent migration I observe this issue which was new for me so sharing with you all.

OneLogin Active Directory Connector Setup

If you are using Onelogin to all users for single sign on then you would require to install OneLogin client on your domain controller. Let me walk through the steps of OneLogin installation steps.

Active Directory: Creating Custom Attribute

When you have to allow 3rd party for use LDAPS and run some queries then we might need to create new attributes.

Exchange 2016: Prepare Active Directory

This blog is a walk through process of updating schema, active directory and domains for Exchange 2016. The same steps can be used for any cumulative update or any current Exchange server version.

Exchange and Active Directory: Backup Contents

It has been asked to me what should we backup on Exchange servers and Active directory servers. And I have also seen that many of us are backing up whole virtual server or all drives.

Active Directory: Where are my Audit Events?

Today I came across a new issue so I am sharing here to help you.




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