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Azure Arc: A Relevant Answer to the Challenges of Operating Across Multi-Cloud Environments

A truly customer-centric company is one that can lend an ear to its customers’ needs and challenges, and strive to deliver experiences that alleviate them. In what comes as an iconic move by Microsoft, the technology conglomerate announced the launch of Azure Arc at its recently concluded conference, IGNITE 2019.


Don’t Miss Out On These Top Seven Announcements From Microsoft Ignite 2019

For anyone who has missed the event or has been keeping too busy to catch up, here’s a quick roundup of the top announcements at Microsoft Ignite 2019.


Microsoft Tenant Azure Sync Issue impacted Email delivery to DL & nested DL. Also sender did not receive Non delivery report.


When Exchange on Line (EXO) User sent an email to a distribution list, it did not deliver to DL member’s and it’s nested DLs. There was NO NDR.


Global Azure Bootcamp 2018: Hollywood

The Global Azure Bootcamp is a free one-day global event driven by Microsoft MVPs/RDs, Cloud experts, Evangelist, and Community Leaders. The sessions will help both new learners and experienced professionals in learning new things about the Microsoft cloud.


Collab365 Global Conference: Securing your Infrastructure with Azure Multi-Factor Auth

Have you heard about the virtual Collab365 Global Conference 2017 that’s streaming online November 1st – 2nd? (more…)

Azure AD connect Pass-through – Installation and Configuration

Using the same credentials to access your office resources and cloud based services ensure that people / users will not have to remember different credentials for different services. (more…)

Azure AD connect Installation and Configuration

Let’s take a look at Azure AD Connect installation and config steps

How to upload a Virtual machine VM to Azure storage

In this blog, we will see how to upload a VHD that was created in on-perm Hyper-v or VMWare to Azure

Windows Azure: How to make VM communicate to the DNS server or DC on Windows Azure

Now following the last blog on How to build a virtual machine on Azure we are not going to see how to make the VMs communicate to the DNS DC servers in the azure.

Multi-Forest MFA: Unable to connect Master MFA Server

We are configuring multi-factor authentication for all our customer and if they are using Office 365 then Azure MFA is the new Gold. We figured out that there are few customers using same office 365 tenant together as multi-forest Hybrid.

Azure Multi-Factor Authentication Part 2 Deployment

This is the Azure Multi-Factor Authentication blog series of 2 Parts. In Part 1, we have seen Azure MFA Prerequisite, Download steps, and installation steps walkthrough. Now in part2, we will see the Multi-Factor Authentication Configuration.

Azure Multi-Factor Authentication Part 1 Deployment

This is the Azure Multi-Factor Authentication blog series of two Parts. Part 1 will describe the Azure MFA Prerequisite, Download steps, and installation steps walkthrough.

How to build a virtual machine on Azure – Exchange server

This article talks about building a virtual machine on Microsoft Azure‎. In this example, we are creating an Exchange server.



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