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Ignite 2016: Get Ready & Check Our Suggested Exchange Sessions

As you already know that Microsoft change the way of doing Microsoft conference and we welcomed this decision last year.

MSExchangeGuru in Collab365 Conference

Collab365 is the Global conference which is happening online on October 19th and 20th 2016. This conference will cover multiple topic on Office 365, SharePoint and Azure.

Microsoft Ignite 2015 Conference – Topics Released

Microsoft did a great job in merging multiple conferences into one conference called Microsoft Ignite Conference. Let us look forward to see what is there for Exchange.

Did you register for the Exchange Powershell Script Contest Yet?

Submissions are ongoing… (more…)

Microsoft VTC 2014 Event: March 19 2014

Microsoft Virtual Tech Conference is back and will held on March 19 2014.


Tech Stravaganza 2014 – The New York IT Conference

Technical learning never stops we just need to find the places to learn. (more…)




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