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EveryCloud’s Phishing Simulation and Advanced Threat Protection

According to research by Verizon, 90% of data breaches are a result of human error. It’s a sobering statistic and highlights the need for businesses to step up their efforts in terms of


Disable TLS 1.0 on Exchange 2016

Because the security is the main topic that all organizations target, the disable of TLS 1.0 become the high priority goal that should be completed on each environment.

A note on Sending Bulk Mails Using Exchange 2016

You may need to send a bulk of mails for the business need that require sending advertisements to customers.

Exchange 2016 In-Place Archive Explained

It’s a well-known best practice not to let your Exchange database grow out of control, say more 2 TB because of issues like:

Conversational Office 365 Email Signatures Guide

Update from Exclaimer LTD (more…)

Softerra Adaxes -Product Review

Softerra Adaxes is a complete solution for management, administration and monitoring of Active Directory. (more…)

Exchange 2016 Troubleshooting

In the new deployment I troubleshooted 3 issues in a day so share the experience here which might help someone.

June 2016 Security Updates for Exchange Server (MS16-079) – KB3150501

Microsoft has released a security bulletin in June 2016 which includes updates for all supported versions of Microsoft Exchange Server which are rated as Significant. (more…)

Stellar Exchange Toolkit Operational Review

Exchange administrators face many issues in their day to day work like Exchange Database files (EDBs) may corrupt due to several causes like overgrown size, virus infection, etc.

Installing Telnet Client in Windows Server 2012

Telnet Client is a feature that is included with the Microsoft Operating Systems, but it is not enabled by default. (more…)

GFI Archiver – Product Review

As we know GFI Software has developed many products like GFI LanGuard, GFI EventsManager, GFI EndPointSecurity, GFI MailEssentials, GFI Archiver. In this review will see how GFI Archiver 2015 works and its features.


GFI MailEssentials- Product Review

As we all know today’s businesses face a lot of issues related to SPAM and MALWARE infected emails. (more…)

Windows Intune error: You must specify the URL to an iOS app from the App Store

In the process of pushing VDI client to iOS devices, noticed this error.

Exchange Server updates for December 2014 Patch Tuesday

Microsoft released Exchange 2013 CU7, Exchange 2010 SP3 RU8 and Exchange 2007 SP3 RU15 this morning.

Exclaimer Address Tagging for Exchange: Overview

Exclaimer Address Tagging for Exchange is a one and only software which will allow users to add multiple disposal email address to their corporate email address. (more…)

DigiScope: eDiscovery and Recovery for Microsoft Exchange

DigiScope is a powerful and flexible eDiscovery, disaster recovery and migration solution and let’s take a look at what the product has to offer.  (more…)

Code Two Exchange Sync for Exchange Operational review

Several customers raise concern w.r.t Exchange 2013’s inability of syncing public folders on mobile devices.

SPF records – Why do I care it exist?

Emails can be spoofed or forged in several ways. A simple example is to use Telnet to forge an email as shown




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