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Azure MFA: Twice MFA for MAC Users

We have deployed the Microsoft Azure MFA in the customer infrastructure. Everything was working fine. MAC users reported Twice MFA. Let us see how did we fix it.

Azure MFA Failed: NPS Database Corruption

Today we encounter an interesting and weird issue where Azure MFA was not working as expected. Let us see what happened here.

Multi-Factor Authentication for RDS Portal Part2

As explained in part 1, we need to use Web access proxy to use Multi-Factor Authentication for RDWeb. Now there are 2 kinds of browsers IE which have active X and non-IE browser which are without active X. There is an expected behavior difference in both browsers. In this blog, I will share the difference, loop hole, and remediation.

Multi-Factor Authentication for RDS Portal Part1

This is a 2 blogs series in which we are explaining how to secure RDWeb with “Azure Multi-Factor Authentication”.




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