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Recover an Exchange 2010 Mailbox using DPM 2010

I just thought of sharing a cmdlet which every exchange pro should have handy wrt recovering an E2010 mailbox using DPM 2010 (more…)

Restore old mailbox for user migrated to exchange 2007 / 2010

I got around 20 odd requests for the process to restore an old exchange 2003 mailbox for a user who was recently migrated to exchange 2007 or 2010. So here we go…. (more…)

Exchange 2010 database recovery

This article outline’s the steps to restore an exchange database in Exchange 2010, christened Recovery Database for DAG. (more…)

Using Recovery Storage Group to Mount a Blank Database and Merge Data

Using Recovery Storage Group feature in E2K3, you can mount a second copy of an Exchange database on the same server as the original mailbox store, or on any other Exchange server that is in the same administrative group. You can use the Recovery Storage Group feature to recover mailbox data without having to install or configure a separate Exchange recovery server.

This article contains information about using Recovery Storage Group feature to swap the database and merge mailbox data often known as Dial tone recovery.





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