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Exchange 2016 – Installation issue with Event ID 1002

One of issues that may face during exchange 2016 installation is the following error:


Exchange 2016 – Can’t Empty deleted folder

One of the issues that may users face in your environment that they can’t empty deleted folder with the following error:


Exchange 2016 – Change OWA Calendar View

OWA is one of ways for user to access the mailbox and calendar, one request that you may receive from users about calendar to change the view for it to not be only one day and view month calendar:


Exchange 2016 – CU3 Event 7031

One of issues that may appear after you install Exchange 2016 CU3 on Windows 2012R2 “Update SP KB4022720”.


Exchange 2016 – EMS opening error

One of the issues that you may face during exchange administration is that you can’t open Exchange management shell (EMS) with following error:


Exchange 2016 – Book a room for more than 6 months

One the configuration that you may need to do in your organization for the room mailbox is the maximum number of days for the reservation.


Exchange 2016 – Error in message tracking

One of the normal operation as exchange administrator is tracking messages that may be needed for investigating delay or un-delivery of messages.


Exchange 2016 – Email Signature from server side

Because of some companies policy you may need to configure a signature template to be used automatically for user’s mails.


Exchange 2016 – Error in step 7 for exchange 2016 installation

One of the errors that you may face during installation of exchange 2016 that may hanged on the step 7 of 14: Mailbox role: Transport service with the following error:


Exchange 2016 – Database not listed in ECP

One of the strange issue that you may face when you are working on exchange server that you don’t find a database when you try to find it from ECP but it is appeared from Exchange management shell.


Exchange 2016 – Unable to start a service with timeout error

One of issues which is not only you can face with exchange 2016 but you may face it with any other services which is you can’t start a service with time out error.


Exchange 2016 – Admin Audit log configuration effect time

First of all about the administrator audit logging you can use it in Exchange Server 2016 to log when a user or administrator makes a change in your organization.


Exchange 2016 – CU9 installation Error 0x80070643

One of issues that you may face while you are installing Exchange 2016 cumulative update 9 (KB4055222) that can be downloaded from the following link:


Skype for business – User presence information not changing

Sometimes the user presence is not changing for other users while you are changing it from your side.

Skype for business – Re-joiner Issue

One of the main issues you may face on skype for business for the re-joiner issue who left the company and rejoin it again.

Ransomware: Share Your Story

As we know that Ransomware is hitting worldwide.

BBC news shared this. Massive ransomware infection hits computers in 99 counties –


Windows 2016 & Azure MFA Adapter; Update/Upgrade and why you don’t want one at the moment?

Some of you might have Azure MFA implementations and select few of you might have a requirement to deploy the Azure MFA server on your on-prem for multiple reasons. One such would be to use Azure MFA with AD FS – for instance you want to secure your Outlook WebApp behind AD FS and MFA.


Exchange 2016: Issues in Updating DPM 2012 Agent to SCDPM 2016 Agent

Since Microsoft SCDPM 2016 started supporting the Exchange Preferred Architecture so you might like to move you exchange DPM backup from SCDPM 2012 to 2016. While updating the Agent, I encountered an issue. Here is how I fixed it.