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Microsoft Acquires Seattle Based Organizational Analytics Firm VoloMetrix

Dealing with massive data downpour in the form of emails, calendar, meetings and anything that you could point at in a typical day at office often puts you at an uneasy spot. While the world has been bashing about end user experience in a bank, store, casino, theatre, hospitals, universities, I feel today we have arrived at a platform where end-user experience is relatively playing a significant role in your typical day in an office.

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Get-SetupLog.ps1 to Analyse Setup Logs In Exchange 2013

This script is very useful for all the Admins while running setup, it can point to the right direction in displaying the error when the set up fails, however Get-SetupLogs.ps1 is not available in the Exchange 2013.
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Document finger printing with DLP in Exchange 2013 SP1

Exchange 2013 SP1 has brought may new features out of all one of the features is DOCUMENT finger printing for Data Loss Prevention.

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Exchange 2013 Sp1 Loose Truncation

A new feature called “loose truncation” is introduced in Exchange 2013 SP1 More »

Exchange: Outlook Providing Decommissioned Exchange Server

Outlook was not able to configure itself for the private cloud mailbox and it was giving old decommissioned Exchange server name.
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Exchange 2016: AD and OS Requirements Update

Microsoft did 1st public announcement about Exchange 2016 in April 2015. Then discussed more in the Ignite Global event in Chicago.
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Exchange User Group in Los Angeles

You might be part of user group or groups which is the great thing to be part of it and join the meetings because it brings you the latest and core face to face free learning and networking with all kind of people.
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Exchange Server 2016 Installation

Microsoft released Exchange 2016 preview On July 22, 2015, let’s configure the pre-requisites and see how to install Exchange 2016. The Public preview is available on public preview availability.
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Office 365 Report Gathering: Creating Reports of browser usage

In this blog we will see about the PowerShell command that is used to query & view the results of the browsers used by users in Grid View / CSV report.
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Enabling MRS Proxy in Exchange 2013 Server

The Mailbox Replication Proxy (MRS Proxy) is required for cross forest mailbox moves.
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Recreating Exchange 2013 Health mailboxes

In Exchange 2013 a new feature called “Managed Availability“, a built-in monitoring system is available.
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Making Sense of The SaaS Conundrum – Part2

In the second post of Making Sense of the SaaS Conundrum, I will be discussing how economics of licensing works in SaaS

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Exchange and Active Directory: Backup Contents

It has been asked to me what should we backup on Exchange servers and Active directory servers. And I have also seen that many of us are backing up whole virtual server or all drives.
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Exchange 2013 & 2007 Coexistence: Urls and Authentications for More than one AD site

I am sharing the URLS and Authentication requirement for a Complex setup. I hope this will help in learning and configuring complex infrastructure.
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Exchange: UPN’s Role in ActiveSync Autodiscover

Today I have fixed another small issue which I would like to share with you to update this critical details which you might not be caring.
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New Outlook Add-Ins : Uber, PayPal, Evernote

As announced at Build 2015 Developers conference, Microsoft recently rolled out a new set of Outlook add-ins, commencing with Exchange 2013 business users, Outlook 2013 and Outlook on the web for Office365. More »

Making Sense Of The SaaS Conundrum

Cloud – Time to Move over OPEX, CAPEX More »

Setting Static IP address on Windows Azure

Use PowerShell command to assign Static IP for Azure. The command we will be using to assign the Static IP address is called as Set-AzureStaticVnetIP More »




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