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How to upload a Virtual machine VM to Azure storage

In this blog, we will see how to upload a VHD that was created in on-perm Hyper-v or VMWare to Azure

Prerequisites for uploading a VHD to Azure

How to configure the PowerShell check this article

Step 1: Preparing the VHD

The VHD that you are going to upload we must sysprep the VM

1: log in to the OS

2: Open the command prompt and change the directory to %windir%system32sysprep and then run susprep.exe

3. The sysprep tool box will appear

4.In the System Preparation Tool, select Enter System Out of Box Experience (OOBE) and make sure that Generalize is checked.

5.In Shutdown Options, select Shutdown.

6. Click OK.

Step 2: Creating a storage account or use the old storage account

We will first see how to create a new storage account and then upload the storage account

  1. Open Azure PowerShell and type the below command to log into the azure account


Once we run the above command we will get a login page to log into your account

  1. Get the subscription IDs for your available subscriptions.

    Run the following command available in the subscription.


  1. We must select the subscription that we must need to use to upload the VHD

    Select-AzureSubscription -SubscriptionName MSDN

Step 3: Create a storage accountUse the Storage account that is already present

We can run the below command to see the storage account that are already present in your subscription


To create a new storage account, we can run the below command

New-AzureRmStorageAccount -ResourceGroupName MSGuruResourceGroup -Name MSGurustorageaccount -Location “West US” ` -SkuName “Standard_LRS” -Kind “MSGuruStorage”

Valid value for Skuname

  • Standard_LRS – Locally redundant storage.
  • Standard_ZRS – Zone redundant storage.
  • Standard_GRS – Geo redundant storage.
  • Standard_RAGRS – Read access geo redundant storage.
  • Premium_LRS – Premium locally redundant storage.

We must create a container in the storage that was created so that we can upload the VHD to that container

We can do it using GUI or through command

Through GUI

We must go to the storage and click on the container tab to create a new container in the storage.

Using Command

Step 1: Select the storage as the default

Set-AzureSubscription -CurrentStorageAccountName <StorageAccountName> -SubscriptionName <SubscriptionName>

Step 2: Create a new container

New-AzureStorageContainer -Name <ContainerName> -Permission Off

Step 4: Uploading the VHD to your storage

We can use the add-azureRMVhd command to upload the file

This command requires few variables to upload the file

$RGName = Resource group name

$urlOfUploadedImageVhd = this will be the URL of your storage

You must place the VHD on a local drive and that path must be specified

We can go to the portal and confirm that our VHD is present in the location that we have specified in the command

Ratish Nair

Microsoft MVP | Exchange Server


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