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How to create Mailbox folder for other users using Powershell

Let’s take a look at how to create a mailbox folder using powershell command by administrator.

Check Exchange 2010 Rollup Version

One issue that we’ve all probably experienced as an Exchange 2010 administrator is verifying that a Rollup Update, or RU/UR/Rollup/Update Rollup/CU/Cumulative Update/whatever you like to call it, is the version that it’s supposed to be after you install an update. (more…)

Exchange 2013: Health Check Script

Health check is most important to do to prevent any production outage and data loss. I have come cross a great script which is going to help you in reducing your effort so make use of it and sip your coffee in peace.


Get-ExchangeDiagnosticInfo is a command that is used to report information & the status of the Exchange Server based on the individual processes.


Office 365 / EOP: Search – Transport Rule from PowerShell

This blog will tell you the steps to search the transport rules using powershell on the desktop computer.

Exchange 2013 – How to grant permissions for a Group

In this section we will see how we can assign permissions on group in Exchange 2013.

Exchange 2010 Count Mailboxes by Recipient Type

Are you looking to surprise your manager or CIO with a monthly or quarterly Exchange report? When gauging your Exchange environment, sometimes having a simple count of mailboxes, distribution groups, and ActiveSync users can come in handy. In some cases you may want a total of all mailboxes, but if you want a count of User Mailboxes, Room Mailboxes, and Shared Mailboxes separately, look no further, this script will give you just what you need.


Exchange 2013: Recover a DAG and DAG Node from crash Part 3

In this blog we will focus on bringing DAG node back in the DAG. (more…)

Exchange 2013: Recover a DAG and DAG Node from crash Part 2

In this blog we will talk about the issue “Databases are not mounting after crash”. (more…)

EOP / Office 365: Connect and Use Powershell

The blog will explain the steps on how to connect to office 365 or Exchange online protection for the management using powershell of your desktop client computer. (more…)

Exchange 2010: Unable to Export Edge Subscription file

Unable to Export Edge Subscription file after DNS Suffix Change of the DMZ Edge Server.

Upcoming Public Folder Event

Modern Public Folders has be new and many of still concerned about the changes, migration, rollback and expected issues. This might be the reason for not upgrading to 2013. (more…)

Free Webinar: Exchange 2013 | Modern Public Folders Migration, Cleanup & Rollback

As promised in my previous webcast, here is the webcast which will cover the Demo. (more…)

Powershell output incomplete with dots

Often admins face an issue where powershell output may contain dots – which means the output isn’t complete. (more…)

Monitoring and troubleshooting Exchange using powershell

One of the Method of troubleshooting Exchange 2013 is using the various inbuilt cmdlets available. (more…)

OWA for iPhone and OWA for iPad Released for Office 365

Today Microsoft has released the Iphone and Ipad app for OWA for Office 365.


How to Send Email with Attachment via Exchange PowerShell

This article will show you how to send an Email, with attachment, within your domain by using the Send-MailMessage command and sending it directly through a HUB server. (more…)

Exchange 2013 : 100 Databases are back with CU2

Microsoft would like to give us 100 databases per server /DAG same as Exchange 2010 with cumulative update 2 which is expected to be released in the 3rd quarter of the year 2013.





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