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MAPI over HTTP Outlook connectivity with Exchange 2013

One of the new and improved methods to connect Outlook 2013 clients to Microsoft Exchange 2013 SP1 is MAPI (Messaging Application Programming Interface) over HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol).
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Exchange On-Premise to Office 365: Flawless ActiveSync Migration

Microsoft has found a new way to migrate and update active sync URL when we migrate from on premise to office 365.
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Exchange 2010: ActiveSync is not working via MobileIron

This is certainly a new one for me. So it might be a new one for you. Sharing to help everyone.

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Cumulative update 8 for Microsoft Exchange 2013

Microsoft has announced the availability of CU 8 for Microsoft Exchange Server 2013. This update has fixes for the issues reported by the customers, minor product enhancements.
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Active Directory: Where are my Audit Events?

Today I came across a new issue so I am sharing here to help you.
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ReInvention In Cloud- The New Mandate


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Exchange Cumulative Updates and Rollups Released

Today Microsoft Exchange Team released updates for all Exchange versions. Let us have a look what has been added and download links.
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iOS 8.2 and Exchange Fixes

Previously users of iOS 8.x experienced several issues with the meetings sent in Rich Text / HTML format have the body converted to plain text especially with Lync Meeting URL’s appear broken. Message body truncated to 500 characters, CRA – Calendar repair Assistant updated their meetings.
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Exchange Server 2013 Troubleshooting notes

These are my troubleshooting notes. Thought it could benefit the community.
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KB3002657: Uninstall the update if you are using Windows 2003 Domain Controller

Today we heard about an issue with the security update described in KB3002657 in a windows 2003 DC infrastructure.
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NYEXUG Event: Exchange 2013 Edge Transport Role

If you are interested in Exchange 2013 Edge Transport Role then this is the time for you to learn more about Exchange 2013 Edge Transport Role.

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Message Tracking in Exchange Server 2013

The message tracking is a useful way to track all the messages in an Exchange server. This functionality is very much useful in troubleshooting mail delay issues, unable to receive mail etc. More »

GFI Archiver – Product Review

As we know GFI Software has developed many products like GFI LanGuard, GFI EventsManager, GFI EndPointSecurity, GFI MailEssentials, GFI Archiver. In this review will see how GFI Archiver 2015 works and its features.

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Exchange Server 2013-Exchange workload management

Workload Management is a new feature/service introduced in Exchange 2013 and is defined for the purposes of managing workloads “based on the health of system resources”.
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Microsoft Boosts Azure with Machine Learning for the Big Data World


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Site Mailboxes in Exchange 2013

Site mailbox feature was introduced with Exchange server 2013 release, which helps to facilitate the collaboration between SharePoint 2013 documents and Exchange emails which can be accessed using same client interface.

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Exchange/O365/Active Directory: Some Basics to Remember

Recently I have seen few great Exchange speakers and experts forgetting the basics of Exchange so I thought of rest of the world and decided to write this blog for a quick reference of Exchange Basics.
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Exchange 2013 CU6: Changes in Workload Management

We have always recommended to test the new update in the lab before deploying into the production. Now we urge you to follow this recommendation seriously and setup a lab if you have not done it already. Your lab should be a copy of production so that you can test the new update in the real time to avoid the issue in the production.
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