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Administrator audit logging in Exchange 2016

Administrator audit logging feature was introduced in Exchange 2010 and it helps to trace the changes made on the exchange server by any user/administrator. (more…)

In-Place Hold and Litigation Hold in Exchange 2016

Organizations are required to preserve electronically stored information (ESI) including email, when there is any judicious expectation of litigation exists. (more…)

Windows 10: Recover a Crashed OS Disk – My Story

December 28th 2016 just after few days on my boy’s birth, my OS disk crashed which does not tell what is happening. Everything stops here on my Primary Laptop.  (more…)

Exchange 2013/2016: Cumulative Update Deployment in Production without any Outage

This document provides the steps to update Exchange infrastructure to the latest Cumulative Update (CU). (more…)

Exchange: December 2015 Updates Released

Microsoft released Exchange updates for the last 2015 quarter on December 15 2015 and MS Exchange Team explained here.

Outlook Web App Policies in Exchange Server 2016

Outlook Web App Policies are the set features created to allow/restrict the features of Outlook Web App

Role Based Permissions in Exchange Server 2016

Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 includes a huge bundle of predefined permissions, based on the Role Based Access Control (RBAC) permission model, which can be used straightaway to grant permissions to administrators and users based on the requirements

AADConnect: Unable to Create SQL Database

This is a very common mistake which may happen if you are not a SQL administrator and try to manage SQL server to create a database for AADConnect.

Exchange Cloud/Hosted: Suppress Autodiscover Popup

Well this is not something new but recently I was configuring this for one of my customer so I would like to share the steps here.

Transport Rules in Exchange Server 2016

Transport Rules are used to apply policies on messages which are flowing through the Exchange organization – predefined conditions are specified and subsequent actions are applied on the messages when they pass through the transport pipeline.

Working with Mail Contacts and Mail User in Exchange Server 2016

Mail Contacts are nothing but mail enabled directory service objects which contains the information about the user which exist outside/external of the exchange organization. (more…)

Working with Shared Mailboxes in Exchange Server 2016

Most of the companies require a common/Shared mailbox to be accessed by a particular team/more than one user for the team communications. (more…)




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