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Exchange 2016 – E-Mails are disappearing from the mailbox

There are known issue that may user face when the emails are disappearing from the mailbox almost immediately from the Inbox folder once is received.

Exchange 2016 Journaling Explained

Journaling is a compliance feature that allows an organization to capture a copy of all messages that satisfies a criteria.

Windows 10: Recover a Crashed OS Disk – My Story

December 28th 2016 just after few days on my boy’s birth, my OS disk crashed which does not tell what is happening. Everything stops here on my Primary Laptop.  (more…)

Disable Certificate Revocation Check

There may be several scenarios where we may experience long wait time for the services or application to start.

Exchange 2016: New Features in compare to Exchange 2010

Most of us who would be looking to migrate to Exchange 2016 are currently using Exchange 2010. So it is important to know the changes coming in Exchange 2016. This is so important for Exchange 2010 users because Exchange 2016 has many architectural changes. Many features have been added and removed as well.

Exchange: Outlook Providing Decommissioned Exchange Server

Outlook was not able to configure itself for the private cloud mailbox and it was giving old decommissioned Exchange server name.

Exchange 2016: AD and OS Requirements Update

Microsoft did 1st public announcement about Exchange 2016 in April 2015. Then discussed more in the Ignite Global event in Chicago.

Exchange User Group in Los Angeles

You might be part of user group or groups which is the great thing to be part of it and join the meetings because it brings you the latest and core face to face free learning and networking with all kind of people.

Exchange server troubleshooting notes

Some troubleshooting notes from my vault

Exchange 2010/2013 – Issues and solutions

Sharing my troubleshooting notes (more…)

Exchange 2010/2013 troubleshooting notes

Continuing my exchange 2010 troubleshooting notes.

Exchange 2007: PrepareAD will fail if Deleted Objects OU is missing

Recently I was building a lab for my customer and did the prepareAD which gave me this error. Let us see how we proceeded.

Exchange/O365/Active Directory: Some Basics to Remember

Recently I have seen few great Exchange speakers and experts forgetting the basics of Exchange so I thought of rest of the world and decided to write this blog for a quick reference of Exchange Basics.

Exchange 2013 CU6: Changes in Workload Management

We have always recommended to test the new update in the lab before deploying into the production. Now we urge you to follow this recommendation seriously and setup a lab if you have not done it already. Your lab should be a copy of production so that you can test the new update in the real time to avoid the issue in the production.

Exchange 2013: Blocking 1 CAS from Mail CAS Proxy

Today I wanted to test if I can create a send connect to use CAS and block one CAS server.

Exchange 2013: 451 4.0.0 DNS query failed

Today I got 2 issues which are interesting so I am sharing the experience.

Exchange Receive Connector

Recently I was migrating a customer of mine and found multiple receive connector in the legacy exchange system.

Exchange 2010: Message Queued with 451 4.4.0 Dns query failed

We discussed this error earlier here



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