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Exchange 2016 – Can’t Remove Full access permission on mailbox

There is a known issue that you may face when you try to remove the full access permission from one user and receive the error:


Exchange 2016 – HealthMailbox cannot access their mailbox

There is an Event that you may receive in you exchange server indicate the health mailbox cannot access their mailbox as following:


Exchange 2016 – Unwanted Forwarding after migration

Somehow when you migrate the user mailbox from legacy exchange server to exchange server 2016 and you configured before migration a forwarding to another user may be that will not appear on exchange 2016 however it is working successfully.


Exchange 2016 – Event Errors 7024, 1026, 9542, and 5000

One of the event errors that may appear in the exchange server’s event viewer are event errors 7024, 1026, 9542, and 5000 as following:


Exchange 2016 – Manage auto replies server side

One of the common function that users need is to add auto reply or out of office message to be sent automatically to internal or external sender, that can be managed by local outlook or from exchange server side.


Exchange 2016 – Set Out of office message internally and externally

One of the common issue on Exchange servers and any other application servers is disk space so you should keep eye on the disk space and keep it more than threshold all the time.


Exchange 2016 – Event Error 4127

One of the event errors that may appear in the exchange server’s event viewer is event error 4127 as following:


Exchange 2016 – How to configure outlook rules

One of the common function that the users use is to manage the mails using outlook rules as following:


Exchange 2016: Enable ECP for Discovery Management

Exchange 2016 changed few things and one of the change is, assign ECP access permissions. In Exchange 2010, Discovery search used to run from the options. I have explained, discovery search in Exchange 2010 here.

Exchange 2016: URLs Configuration Script

I had written the similar script for 2013 which is missing MAPI protocol URLs which will be covered in this blog.


Exchange 2016 – Unable to add database copy

One of the issues on Exchange server 2016 when creating a new DAG and try to add a database copy you may receive the following error

Exchange 2016 – Active Directory Forest Functional Levels

One of the minimum requirements for Exchange 2016 installation is active directory forest function level which should be 2008 or later.

How to find Exchange server license

For many reasons you will need to check the available CAL for your exchange environment, for exchange 2016 that can be implemented using command “Get-ExchangeServerAccessLicenseUser” as will be described.

Exchange 2016 – Can’t Display message in Outlook on the Web body

One of issues that may face exchange 2016 users while they are using Outlook on the web that they can’t display the message details on the body directly with following error:

How to configure Exchange 2016 account in Android

There are many application can be used on Android phones to configure your Personal/corporate mails, the Microsoft outlook one of the most used application to configure either personal “Yahoo, Gmail,..” or corporate “Exchange, Office 365” mails.

How to get Exchange server version numbers

It is important that “ALL” exchange servers in your environment run the same built version. One of the first things I check before starting any troubleshooting.

Exchange 2016 – Quota has been exceeded issue

One of the sending mails issue that users receive error message as following:

Exchange – How to find out by whom and when an Exchange Object was Modified

One of the audit tasks that you may need to do while your operation on exchange server is how to find out by whom and when an Exchange Object was Created, Modified, or deleted.




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